My name is Marie. I was born in 1950 in Trondheim which is in the central part of Norway. I grew up on a little farm with cows, pigs, hens and a horse, together with my two sisters and four brothers, three couple of twins. I have a twin brother. We had much fun, and it was a good way to grow up. I got married in 1972, we have three children, and four wonderful grandchildren. We also have two dogs and a cat who gives us much joy and pleasure. My website is written in Norwegien, but for those of you who do not read Norwegian I just want to tell a little what it is about.

On the "Dog page" you can see our dogs, Tasha is now in 2008, eleven years old, Laika is eight years old. Tasha is the mother of all the puppies, and Mix (the neighbours dog) is the father.

I like baking and you will find some of my favourite recipes on my "baking page".

I like to read, and I like poetry very much. I don't write myself, but I have a page with Norwegian poems and sayings written by some of my favourite authors. You will also find some of mye favourite English, Swedish and Danish poems here.

I listen to music very often, especially I like country/gospel, oldies and classical music.......

A little about my hobbies: My favourite hobby is photographing, and I bring my camera with me wherever I go. On my "Photoalbum page" you can look at photos of the Norwegian nature, most of them taken with my little Canon IXUS digital camera. You can click the pictures for bigger version.

Another of my hobbies is Norwegian Rosepainting, which is painting on wood with oilcolor. I started with this hobby in 1984 and still like it a lot. I paint on chests, log chairs, bowls, plates and much more.You can see some of my work on the "Rosepainting page", and you can see some pictures I have painted on the "About me" page.

I hope you will find something of interest here on my pages, and you are always welcome back.


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